Research Outline

The Earth and the geo-space around it are always influenced by solar activity. In the division for integrated studies, we study the dynamics and structure of this "solar-terrestrial environment system" from the holistic aspect. Our study covers the various subjects from solar activities such as solar flares and sun-spots to geomagnetic phenomena such as aurora and magnetic storm. Collaborating with researchers with domestic and international partners, we are advancing the integrated study of data analyses from ground-based and space-born observations and the numerical simulation using high-performance computation.
Variations in the solar-terrestrial environment have various influences not only on satellites and astronauts but also on social infrastructure such as aviation, telecommunication and electric power grid. The long-term variation of solar activity may affect even the global climate. In the division for integrated study, we are also taking the research to advance the space weather forecast by predicting the solar-terrestrial environmental variation through scientific understanding in cooperation with relevant institutes.
We hope that many people are interested in the studies of our division.


Feb 15, 2024
Designated Assistant Professor Atsuki Shinbori was granted the 'Excellent Reviewers' award in 2023 by the Earth Planets and Space journal.
Feb 15, 2024
Designated Assistant Professor Atsuki Shinbori of the Center for Integrated Data Science and his colleagues received Highlighted Papers 2023 in the journal Earth Planets Space (EPS)
Dec 15, 2023
Prof. Lynn Kistler is awarded the 2023 AGU Van Allen Lecture Award
Oct 13, 2023
Korea-Japan Space Weather Workshop 2023
Oct 25, 2022
The NHK World program BOSAI #22 Solar Flares, in which Prof. Kusano cooperated, has been released.
Sep 09, 2022
Prof. Yohsuke Kamide Memorial Meeting “Toward understanding and prediction of solar-terrestrial system phenomena”(November 14, 2022)
Sep 08, 2021
"Mystery of rotation" in the Sun was solved with supercomputer Fugaku
Oct 05, 2020
An interview article on Professor Kusano's flare prediction research was published in EarthSky.
Aug 06, 2020
The research team led by Prof. Kusano published their paper on the physics-based model that can predict large solar flares in Science.
Dec 09, 2019
Korea-Japan Space Weather Workshop 2019
July 08, 2019
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