In the division for integrated studies, we are taking research for understanding and predicting the dynamics and structure of the "solar-terrestrial environment system," which consists of the Sun, Inter-planetary space and the Earth and geo-space around it. We are advancing the integrated study based on the data analyses from ground-based and space-born observations and the numerical simulation using high-performance computation. Our study covers the various subjects from solar activities to geomagnetic phenomena as listed below:

1.The Sun

  • Study of mechanism and predicting solar flares
  • Study of particle acceleration in solar flares
  • Study of structure and heating of the solar corona
  • Modeling study of solar active regions
  • Study of sunspot cycle
  • Predictive study of the next solar cycle

2.Solar wind and Interplanetary space

  • Study of numerical prediction of solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field

3.Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Space Weather Influence

  • Study of magnetospheric substorm
  • Study of radiation belts
  • Study of aurora
  • Study of interaction with solar wind on the boundary layer of magnetosphere
  • Study of waves in magnetosphere
  • Study of impact of high-energy particles

4.Space Plasma Phenomena

  • Study of magnetic reconnection
  • Study of collision-less shocks
  • Study of Rayleigh-Taylor instability